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hey goo heads - it would be neat to have a thread with photos of everyone's current display(s), so post up!

i will post mine soon since most of my lamps are still in boxes from the move.

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heres most of my lamps, all mathmos, theres also a red/yellow telstar over the other side of the room not shown.

No real display just a bunch of lamps, most of them can end up moving avound when i get a new lamp.

Here's some of my current display

Here's what I was talkin' about, Brad:

That looks nice as long as the fabric is not flammable

Jus said:

Here's what I was talkin' about, Brad:

jus - i like the idea!  hmm...will see what it looks like first with some of my wife's black scarves.  :)

LOl hope she won't mind me i am spray painting a furniture piece at 10:00 at night

 Most of my Crestworth/Mathmos

Some of my LavaLites

LOve your collection

Wow. Great display LampHead. Epic Collection!!

My new display as of yesterday.

L - R: Fantasia Sunburst 4000 (black model), Crestworth Telstar Glitterlite, Lava Wave Motion Machine, Grande Lava Lamp, Crestworth Galaxy, and the newest member of the fibre optic family, Mathmos Jupiter II.

Awesome lamps, Liam, but I love that Galaxy and your new Jupiter!   Beautiful display!

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