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instead of oozing in my bed this night I was surfing ebay and saw an auction for a jupiter 2 at... The ridiculous astronomcal price of £849..

So I was wondering, what would be the price of my cresworth galaxy II in full working condition with its legs ?

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Hi Idoru02. The fact is that Jupiter2's are highly desirable but still not nearly to the tune of £849. It is just too much. More realistically I think it would be snapped up for say £300-400, indeed, I think I saw one fetch £400 once. I think your Crestworth Galaxy with original stand could make maybe £150-200 max. (Rare boxed ones go for £250-£300). I noted you referred to it as Galaxy II though. Is this a later edition?

are you telling me that a more vintage item (being older) is worth less than the younger one ?

Not that I'm willing to sell my galaxy (you're right, there's no second model) but galaxy were quoted aroung 400 or 500€ not so long ago, so I assumed jupiter II should'nt be sold as high as this one on ebay

i sold the last jupiter 2 on eBay and it went for 400 ish early this year  i have also sold 2 working galaxys one for £125 and a boxed one for that went for £300 and he payed £80 to ship to the usa 

box was a bit battered but who keeps a box for over 30 years :)

this is the one that sold for 400 when he picked it up he told me would have payed 700 if it had gone that high :)

keith said:

Yes, Jupiter 2s although 20 years newer than Galaxy's, are worth a lot more as they seem to be much more scarce.

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