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it is advised on this board to use pyrex/tempered glass for globe.

It makes sense, but...

Lunar bottle are regular glass, and I saw a picture here of a broken bottle here which looks also as  a regular glass:

(when broken, I assume pyrex or tempered glass separe in a multitude of small cubes, not the case here)

So, is there anyone here who actually saw a pyrex bottle on commercial lavalamps?

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Hi everyone, great stuff this topic and I agree with you Lukeonia1 on the technical answer. It depends on the use via the cost of the said item. Today even condiments are stored in plastic bottles now. But when heat is involved, well plastic bottles won't cut it, hence glass for your morning coffee, and even that is replaced by plastic impregnated cups. Cooking food, I don't know if everyone here love casseroles, but without pyrex pretty tricky. Heating your home without quartz or ceramic glass for the fireplace plate window, nasty and dirty. Having to win the argument with a june bug hitting your face when driving on the road at 100k/h plus, well I'll take up walking and whatever you do don't strike a pane of tempered glass on it's edge unless, well cleaning it up would be a simple matter of sweeping up hundreds of smalls pieces. If that same incident happened with regular glass you'll need a pair of thick gloves to go with that broom and dustpan. Many different considerations for a variety of economical endeavours. But if you ask me no matter what type of glass used or plastic for that matter if your lava lamp is on the top shelf way up there and god forbid falls hope theres shag rug to help break the fall, oh no what if it broke cleaning that ooze from the rug, what aaahh mess, can't win for trying. I guess finding that right spot where your gem is going stay is just as important when considering the color combo,price of the lamp,shipping costs, hey after all the babies are really when you think about it are disadvantaged to begin with there top heavy, maybe a redsign like lower the center of gravity by lowering the base height, widening the base; pyramids rest on there base not there points. Now put curious children into that mix and even the pyramid will have hard at it from ending on the floor. Like my computer guru always like to say " it's six or one half dozen of another".

Dr. WHAT?! said:

I did this one with the pyrex lab glass, it's a 3000ml round flask cost about $60 used. Newer stuff and larger flasks usually cost some seriously $ so for a Lunar I can imagine it being very high.

You sir are an artist, not afraid to take chance at viewing the world from a totally different vantage point . Nice concept, the flow must be seriously interesting. Excellent.

Wait. Lunars are made with whiskey bottles!  Actual whiskey bottles! So what Mathmos buys the bottles from the whiskey manufacturer then uses them for lamps?

I don't know if they buy the bottles from the whisky manufacturer, or the bottle manufacturer.

But this is exactly the same bottles yes.

Probably the bottle manufacture - its cheaper to buy direct then through a middle man.

I wonder why the use this bottle - was it because this was a stranded size or was it just so happened that a whisky bottle worked.

Wow! That's awesome! Can't believe I  didn't know that. :P

Astralav said:

I don't know if they buy the bottles from the whisky manufacturer, or the bottle manufacturer.

But this is exactly the same bottles yes.


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