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Hi all, I'm an American living in Germany and after my wife's old cheapie lava lamp broke she said she'd want a new one. I'm now in charge of getting that next lava lamp, in doing a bit of research I have found this page and have become enamored with lava lamps. But to be honest, I know next to nothing about lava lamps. It appears that Mathmos though is the brand to go for in the European market, is that correct? Any pointers about what to look for, what brands to go for, avoid, or whatever? Tips would be appreciated since I don't want to get stuck with a bad piece.

Thanks in advance for your help

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You can't go wrong with Mathmos, they are a quality product and well built. They also have a vast array of LED lights as well but it's their Lava range which i really love. avoid the nasty chap imports if you can.

Yes, Mathmos is THE brand to go for. You can see their current product line on http://www.mathmos.de/erol.html#9460X0
You may even order them through the site as prices are pretty much the same everywhere else.

If you happen to be in Cologne you can go to Dinamo Geschenkartikel (dinamo.de/geschenkartikel/mathmos.htm) but they only are a little cheaper on the replacement bottles.

Else, stores like Karstadt or Kaufhof should also have those lamps or at least be able to point you to another store.

If you want to get a used lamp from eb@y feel free to come back here and ask for advice,

Which model to get is pretty much a matter of your or rather your wife's taste.
Personally, I am totally set on the Astro, but that's just my opinion!!!

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