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Hei! Hei!

My life has had somewhat of a change to, its been a roller coster of a year with me splitting up from my gf in a very messy relationship the loss of most of my lava lamp collection during this time & now I'm trying to rebuild everything thats lava in my life = - )

I lost most of my 95 lamps = - ( lost all my comets,nordic's,white baby astros,copper astros..MK1,2,4... Excaliber, Jets, astros, pretty much everything I owned .... i did manage to save around 20 bottles all different colours, my Lunar, a cosmos & 2 crestworth lanterns so I'm rebuilding my life & my collection.

So its perfect I restart my time on the lava forums again which I've really missed .. all the chats good advice & banter = - )

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Man, sorry for your misfortune.

I hope you'll find what you want.

good luck!

Welcome back Colin. Sorry to hear about your lava mis-fortunes! Hopefully you're in a better place... with or without the lamps. 

cheers guys, I'm really grateful = - ) my friends & family have said I've not been the same since which I'm starting to see is true, so I'm trying to get my life back to the old me which everyone says they miss ... being a nutter talking about lava lamps non stop lol. so I'm starting to get lava lamps agin = - )

I see Mathmos has some new cool colors out... plan on getting any of those? 

welcome back Colin... I heard a saying on the radio this morning that went something like...

... Lifes not about riding the storm but learning to dance in the rain !!!   :)


Yeah Erin, I prob will get some of them at some point soon if I can afford it but it cost sooo much = - / Thanks for the wise words Aladdin sir lol = - )

What happened to your lamps Colin. Did you sell them?


Nice to see you back here by the way.




Hey AC, yeah I did originally sell a couple of my lamps when I was on here over a year ago but kept most of my collection ... But on the day of leaving I didn't have long to gather what I could so I had to leave almost all my bases but took about 20 mixed vases of different sizes & color ways & a few of my most prized lamps = - ( it was a very stressful & sad day in many ways. Thanks for the welcome back.

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