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This is a true Franken Lamp    Base is from a silver mini starship, bottle is a Foresters Teardrop Whiskey bottle and glitter is from Erin that came from a glitter grand I believe..

This bottle and base are a Perfect match..in every way. Size and structure are very cohesive and didnt even need to try other bulb although a stronger one may move glitter a bit faster. I will try and see which I prefer.. Right now flow is that similar to Florence Arts.. slow steady rise from center falling off around outer.. I guess fountain like.

I added regular food coloring... I mixed a drip of blue with half drip green in a spoon and mixed in glitter water with long wooden skewer.. I wanted Teal but got a Emerald Green. Its not what I was aiming for but lovely all the same. I am going to paint base with a metallic bronze . I feel the contrast will look equally appealing hot or cold with this contrast.

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I like that project - the glitter and the globe shape is very nice, i am not too sure about the base personally but i am sure it will look nice when painted.

Well done so far :)

well the base emulates the cap style off Foresters bottle very well .. and am pretty confident once painted ya.. will be cool.  If not... it will stay that way until I come across another accommodating base..

So I found a metallic brown glaze that is so very close to the Foresters Bottle original color that I decided to use it.

We were going to go ahead and convert the original Forester's base into one that lights but Doel did not want to alter the original bottle stand. Said it would make it lose its value and ruin it..lol....

I think it could still use a light wet sanding and another coat of paint. But has come to have a very cohesive look to it and the golden brown is gorgeous with the green glitter.

The second one is a golden yellow and still has to be painted.. we will use same metallic glaze on this one to.

So now that I am experimenting again I decided to tweak these two.. I enhanced the yellow with a small mix of two other holographic micro strand glitters..  Flow is a lazy slow but colors are brilliant.. the difference in glitter shape and colors is a trippy show. ,  . Not sure but seems with those differences you can follow the flow lines and watch them spiral throughout globe more defined...dependent on time of day, light conditions and then what other lamps in area are around.. the show can be simply amazing... just look at these colors.. and I took one in the sun to show the  glitter amount is not dense like appears in other shots..I makes a beautiful day time lamp.. fun cheery..

wow...thats way cool! i love the shape of the bottle.

thanks Tiff.. Its a fun lamp.. and its saved the mini rockets from sitting in the box of doom.. Also kept me from altering the bottles original base too. I adore my glitter lamps.. but admit to being bored with one color glitter.. Silver.... I have almost 20 different colors in glitters/ confetti  now and many different shapes. So anyone that has any clear fluid glitter bottles they dont want ...talk to me..

I got one of the Foresters bottles on ETSY and other in a 2nd hand... they pop up a few times a year.... there are also a few other members whom have their own lamps made from them too..and where I even got the initial idea to convert..

lava luva ~ Tiffany said:

wow...thats way cool! i love the shape of the bottle.

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