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OMG... I had seen that one and that it was very clear and not used... I'm dying over that price though. WoW!!
It was $30, until I helped it along to $70. Same person bought the Cranberry for $70 as well. Kinda insane but hey - whatever makes ya happy :)

I will also say, the only thing those prices do - is hurt collecting as a whole. People with normal every day colored lamps will think they can get the same amount and will start them off at a higher price. Never turns out good.
Wow! I was watching that one since day 1. I'm glad I never bid on it. I found a teal and won it for $12.50. Weird thing about that cranberry...I won one from that seller for $18.99 and now the one that just ended went for $71!
Yeah, I guess I wasn't thinking about the box. But I personally could care less about the box, it's the same as every other box, but it has the Teal Lamp marked at the top. I collect lamps, not boxes. The real thing is, that I have probably seen 5 Teal lamps on ebay in the last 2 months, which really isn't all that rare. Oh well, the market is what it is I guess, even if I think it's nuts.
If you still have any mathmos globes - I would be willing to trade a teal for 2 globes. Box and all :)
I dont have any Mathmos Globes, just lamps. I already have a Teal lamp, and one is enough for me. The mathmos globes, however would cost about 55-65 bucks each anyway, so 2 of them are worth $110-$130, more than what a Teal is worth. I may be offering some globes for sale soon, just need some demand first. The more I order from England, the cheaper, each person can get them for- stay tuned to the Buy/Sell Forum.
If my memory serves me correctly, you mentioned wanting a Blue/Blue Globe, would that be all you would want?
I am probably getting that through another deal with someone on here.

I think I am going to send you a pm.
You should post a pic of it.
I hear ya.

I picked up an orange/white and a lavender/white yesterday thanks to my ad on Craigslist. Got them both for $9 bucks and both are in excellent, like new condition. No complaints here. I figure, if I get any dupes I don't want, I will sell them on eBay and get some money back to feed my habit.

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