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This is really random, but I was wondering how many of you are in relationships with people who can understand your fondness of lava? Are you both goo lovers, or do they just accept it and allow you to have your fun? I've always been looked at kinda weird like "You're paying $100 for a LAMP? Really?" My response is typically "Yes, I am paying $100 for a LAMP. Oh and while you are dusting, be careful.. If you break my lamp, I will be forced to break your face" or something to that effect. Just curious about the rest of you.

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You mean he didn't say, "You had me at 'goo lovers'!"!???!

In my case my wife enjoys the lamps but doesn't understand why I have so many not on display.  In other words if I don't have room to display them then "you need to get rid of them".  My solution would be to make more room for display but something else always seems to comes first.

No lamp, no secks.  Its that simple.

Hahaha Jim! That made my evening!
Jim said:

No lamp, no secks.  Its that simple.

He must have a lotttttt  of lamps........

She likes them, just not as much. She would be fine with 2 total. But as i am anal about the globe and caps all being level! She goes around tipping all the caps!!!! I should add I think my wife likes the fluidiums cause they look dildoish lololol

My wife just looks the other way.  She thinks they are nice but doesn't know why I need so many.  I tell her this is my "indoor hobby" while the kids are still small.  When they need less supervison and can do more outside stuff, I hope to migrate back to the garage... but not completely.  

My husband don't say a word, and really likes some of them, but not as much as I do.  He collects carbide mining lamps and mining items, so pretty much leaves me alone and lets me buy what I want.  As I said before, I'm keepin him!  

If I worked at mathmos.... Ooooo buddie lol my house would be made of lamps. Walls, roof, chairs, table..... Lol

Neil said:

I had always wanted a lava lamp but never really got round to buying one. Then my partner got a job at Mathmos. I was really excited when I was told we could have a free lamp. So we chose a violet red astro. I still have it 15 years later and it still is in perfect condition. But it did'nt end there. I ended up with 40 lamps. Most for half price employee deals. I got a lunar, telstars, jets, babies and a flock. I had to let most go when we moved to g.canaria, but since we came back to the uk have collected most back. I now have about 30 lamps with some mega rareties. So my partner is sympathetic to my cause. Just have to watch I dont overdo it! 

I think your house is already made of lamps, Trevor.  How many yellow Fluidiums did you say you had??  :-)   LOL

@Neil, I would love to see your collection, it sounds wonderful.   I do hope to add to mine, but I too have to try to not overdo.  I have "newbieitis."  

my wife originally didn't like lava lamps, but now she has 2 on her desk at work.  one actually went with her today (1999 pink/clear 32oz).

If I was in a relationship with someone that worked at Mathmos, I could die happy.

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