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I stopped at Hobby Lobby the other day and bought some white food coloring.  I thought I would try a lamp with white water and black lava.  I don't think I have ever seen that combo before, so I made the lamp.

When the lamp starts to flow, the lava is black, at least a dark red/purple they call black.  After a few blobs mix, the food coloring appears to start clinging to the goo.  After half an hour, the goo looks like it was dusted with sugar.  I think it looks interesting, but think it is strange how the food coloring will not fully dissolve into the water.  The more it flows, the more dusted it becomes.  

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and now for something completely different!

The coloring has completely vanished from the water, it has undissolved (is that a word?) and now the only traces of the white food coloring that are left are the sugar like dustings of the black goo.  

Very strange.  This is the product, linked below.  


I like my sugar dusted black balls!  

Too much SURF too.

Its all balls of goo

Looks sorta cool 

I am a lava hack!  

I like having 5 or 6 balls of gold ball sized goo.  Once the dimmer is perfectly adjusted, they flow really well.  A new ball rises to the top and displaces a few, causing them to drop.  

My measurements making my own goo and formulating my lamps are anything but precise.  I just slop s**t together while working in my photo and recording studio and cranking up loud progressive rock/metal.  The new Dream Theater record, Distance Over Time, is my current lava making soundtrack.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o2B8jPyfm0 

I did drop a viagra into one of my lamps the other day.  For four hours, it looked like this.

Too Damn Funny !!!!!

There were days past when I was able to last that long....  

I don't use a particular science either -add few drops of surf until I get stringy goo

when /if I screw up and add tooo much and get ballz of goo, I dump it and start over

I usualy want old sci-fi or catch up on MST3K on the server while building SciFi models or garden railroad woodworking waiting for my lava to stabilize

I need to experiment with different surf.  That is the one thing I have not messed with too much.  My first few lamps I used Dawn.  After that I have been using Palmolive Ultra Pure & Clear, because it has no color or scent.

However, man it is strong!  The smallest drop I can get out of the bottle is enough to produce the golf ball sized goo.

I have diluted it down to get some stringy goo.  Should I try kids bubbles?  What do you use for surf Claude?


Claude J said:


Dollar General.  Glad I saw that.  I looked on Amazon and it was listed as out of stock.  

Food coloring is organic so it wont last regardless if it mixes with the water or wax.

What do you suggest for permanent water coloring?

Dr. WHAT?! said:

Food coloring is organic so it wont last regardless if it mixes with the water or wax.

printer ink or any other dye that isn't meant for food

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