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I was wondering if anyone could share pics of their teal lamps? When mine first runs and the spikes form it is a really pretty teal, but when its all flowing its a very dark green almost black looking. My fluid is cloudy and will probably end up having to make my own again. Once it is clear do you think it will look lighter?

It is on the left

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Here are mine.

The first one is the 2001 globe I received from LW brand new. ( in this pic this was the 2nd time I ran it) The color is a lot more bright now.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This one I think I used too much and now is kinda cloudy but flows amazing.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
If you dont mind that would be great. I love looking at everyones lamps!
Mine is identical to your first one. I love the second picture! Looks like there is some hope to lighten it up a bit. Thanks guys!
I've had this EXACT same problem with my clear/lime! In fact, here is a picture of my rainbow. All the colors are behaving and flowing nicely except for the dang lime is already overheating in the picture.

From the time I plug them in until the time the green separates from the coil is right around 2 hours 30 minutes.

My solution is to buy lamp dimmers for all the lamps and then "tune" each one individually. This works out well as with all the lamps running on that shelf together, it gets very hot in that area. If you stick your hand up about 18" away from the lamps you can feel the heat.
This is the lamp dimmer I used. That's also the best price I could find for the black ones to match my midnights. They sell white ones and brown ones cheaper, but that would be hideous.

I tried to use one dimmer for the whole thing, but it was too much wattage. The dimmer got REALLY hot after awhile and I found that the lime needed to be dimmed about 40-50% while the blue needed to be full power. So using one dimmer for each lamp allowed me to individually tune them. It takes awhile to do, but once it's set it works wonderfully. Until the weather turns...

Here is a picture of the dimmer.

You talking about the black cap or the bottle cap? If bottle cap, I would not do that as the liquid will evaporate. If not, ignore.

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