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Ok I really dont know where to start, im bewildered with lava info...Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting with a former LavaSimplex/World worker (from 1988 to 2002) and I spent a hour picking his brain and have acquired a wealth of info AND a 1991 video that shows all kinds of test color lamps and bases, waves, LavaLarry, GemLites etc.This is where the problem starts... the video is copyrighted and I promised not to upload it to the internet and will not break that promise....BUT he OK'd screen pics if no faces are shown as many employees are in the video. He wishes to remain out of the picture due to a agreement that all employees signed forbidding them from giving info about the product, even though I did not learn any trade secrets his wishes will be honored. Im going to my cousins tonight to get a copy of PowerDVD which will take screen shots. If anyone has something better to capture screen pics please let me know. The video quality is good but some shots are very fast as they walk by tables so I hope the pics are clear.

Some info for starters, of course everyone wants to know about the infamous # 01....As I have stated before they are real and I own 2 of them myself both purchased NIB, a former member had received email conformation from LW about them too http://www.oozinggoo.com/cgi-bin/forum/Blah.pl?b-11/m-1192655495/s-0/ , basically the same story I was told, but I have learned something interesting about them, the 32oz was originally done for a employees wedding, there were about 20 made in princess bases, one for each table, they were later tested as a red/white/blue combo pack but not released (proof in this video 11 seconds in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8ErqynlvtY ) The 52oz was tested as a Americana, again red/white/blue theme. He said they were allowed to make "employee" lamps when possible BUT, and this explains alot, the cap coder was not used as they were hand capped and never ran through a machine, he said the bottles were never counted as production. ( I will post test table pictures showing it, its in the video)

The # 06 was the early blood red lava and later reshaded into the # 10 and then brought back as a # 18 Cranberry, thats right its simply a early Cranberry.

The # 07 peach/clear was a Elek-Trick test color that was the first attempt at pink clear later reshaded to the # 14 pink and released. ( I will post test table pictures showing it, its in the video)

The # 11 yellow was a Elek-Trick test color that was too neon and swapped for the # 08 yellow and released. ( I will post test table pictures showing it, its in the video)

The # 16 chocolate was nothing more than a bad batch of black that was allowed to run, he estimates about 2500 of them released in the snake skin and chocolate swirl base. He said they ran them for half a day till the batch was out. Employees took quite a few of these.

The # 23 was a green/blue that was dropped in favor of the # 24 yellow/blue.( I will post test table pictures showing it, its in the video)

I will also get test globe pics of blue/blue and some really off colors as they shaded and tested them. All of this info now makes sense of the numbering system as it follows it right down as color shades were changed.
If you are looking for certain info, post below and I will try to answer or post pics to answer your questions. I am so freaking overloaded right now...LOL


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Bump.  Cool info , in case you haven't seen it already.

Nice bump! Very cool stuff in this thread, thanks for bringing it to the top Keith!

wayne miller said:

O O O O I can't believe i forgot to ask what about the "dual waves" and the " pacfica " wave what colors did they come in and where they really in production and when and pic's / video ???
They made those dual color wave machines from 1995 until they were discontinued in 2008

That was fun to read again. I still have the video in my favorites after all these years on YouTube 


Wow what a blast from the past. I have posted the whole video and thought I had posted it here too. The guy Chris in the video posted here under Mr Lava back in the day. Very cool to see this again..


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