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With all the nice reviews, pics, and vids of the Clearview, I thought I would try one. Got a 17" Pearl Finish blue. Turned it on yesterday at around 12pm, off at around 11pm. All it did in that time was make pillars. No flow, nothin. Today have had it on since 8am, now 12:37. It made one pillar. These lamps are so nice. Great look, colors etc. But whats the sense of em, if it wont flow. *Shakes head*

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Sometimes you have to let them run for a long time the first few times. That being said, I have a 32oz. Clearview that takes like four hours to get going. It shouldn't. The lamps are junk. 


Thom, you need to order the bulb that I posted up above.  My 25 watt stock bulb took forever for my clearview to flow.  If the room was cold from the air coinditioner, I got pillars, that's it.  I could have ran that darn lamp for a month.  Nothing.  I got the 30 watt bulb from replacementbulbs.com after I searched all of my local stores.  This bulb is not easy to find because it is being discontinued from a lot of stores.  Now in a cold room I have not had any overheating problems.  I also only run it for 8 hours though.  Now, in a warm room with the heat on in the winter time, it may.  I don't think so because the 25 watt stock bulb it came with just doesn't cut it.  These lamps should never have came with a 25 watt bulb.  I went from an 8 hour start up time to about an hour and 1/2 which is pretty good.  If you really like the lamp before you think of returning it, try the 30 watt bulb.  If you think it may be overheating, just install a dimmer and you can take it down a notch, but I really don't think it will because of the fact that the 25 watt is so weak for this lamp.

I agree 100% Carol. The bulb is just not hot enough. Same problem I had with the Colormax. I was thinking the same thing, get a 30w for it. I do really like it. I really wanted the red one, but this blue is nice. I had it running for 12 hours today. I just shut it off, after starting it at 8am this morn. All it did was pillar. Thank you for that web site. Am gonna see what they have.

Your welcome Thom....that link will take you right to the bulb you need!!!  I like the Clearview's too.  Now that I have decent flow.  Mine does some interesting stuff now.  It's really not bad.  And I like the metallic red base with the c/ear/red lava.  Thom I saw that blue one.  That's nice also.  I think you'll see a big difference with just that 5 watt difference.

Thanks again Carol, I will keep ya posted as to how it goes.

Hey Thom, it's really cool here tonite.  No a/c on, but all the bedroom window open and my lamp is still in column formation since 7 pm and it's now 11:44 pm., so it's definitely the cooler weather too.  It's been running fine for me, until I opened the windows and it got cool.  These Clearviews are super touchy when it comes to temp fluctuations!!!  A little bit of cold and they won't flow, so I'm sure the 30 watt will not have any overheat problems.

Was able to find bulbs very close to the type you mentioned Carol. Only thing different is the dome of the bulb is a little higher. So the globe wouldnt fit down all the way. So I thought, how could I raise the globe slightly. I found some nuts..hehe, not the peanut kind, and not the other kind  but nuts for screws! Stacked three sets, two nuts high, and it works! The globe hovers slightly over the bulb, and flows perfect!!

Awesom!!! Next time if you get the bulbs online they will fit perfectly and u wont have to mod but i know how u felt desparate to get it flowin right away!!!! I had to wait it out for mine to come in the mail...

I love my Clearviews. Some globes only work on Clearviews for whatever reason. It does suck though when wax starts sticking to the coil or the bottom of the globe itself. You don't see it on normal bases and it doesn't affect flow too badly IMO, but it looks very unattractive on a Clearview. They do take much longer to heat up than my normal lamps though.



Wow Chipmunk....nice shots!!!  That purple one is cool!!!!

As Carol said, very nice shots, and flow. Are you using the 25W bulb in those?

Yup. The 25W bulbs lead to good flow, but they take a while to get going. There is some wax buildup on the bottoms of the big green and pink/blue ones, but they otherwise work great.

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