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Hi all, been really pondering on a Colossus lately, but had some questions first before I go out and spend $1,000 on one. Are they really all that great? I mean it would be awesome to own one, although I probably coudn't move it! Where would one be able to purchase one? I also like the glass accessory table, but wouldn't it crack from the heat of the lava lamp? And also, do you all think they will make them again? Everywhere I look they are all out of stock, except for the 3 on ebay. I would really like to have one, but don't know if I should wait until something better comes out? I don't want to purchase one and have the glass globe crack :( One of these days I'll probably own one, but I wanted everyone elses comments. It's kind of like the Imperial of our time.


Thanks for any input.

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They look like getto pics man! I can't get a pic like Bohdan I got a table! I want a blue yellow with the marble base!
Wait forsure!! I lucked out and got my locally, so I could see it running before spending that amount of cash!! Got mine for $400. The store I got it from just wanted to get rid of it!! My pleasure to help out with that!! ;-)

Hi Dave p,
I am also contemplating getting the Colossus, and live in the UK. As far as I can see there are only 2 suppliers here on the net, and they are sister companies. We are a bit limited here unfortunately it looks as if we can only get the silver metal work here.

Color (colour) pro's and cons !!!!!!!!!!!!
Also the site I have looked at only has clear/red,clear/black or purple/yellow. I love the idea of the black wax, as have black furniture, but fear it will be too dark and not much light will come out of the lamp. Or worry black wax will look purple, or blue, instead of black.

I like the clear liquids so like red/clear, but doesn’t go with room so well.

I love the idea of the yellow (or is it orange?) wax creating an orange glow, giving an warm glow as room has terracotta shades in furniture. Not keen on the purple liquid for matching room though. How soon does this dull down and fade usually?

Oh, I am so Confused purchasing a lamp like this you just don't want to make an error resulting in regret later, as they are a once in a lifetime purchase.

Anyone know if they will only be available for a limited period? Limited edition like some Mathmos stuff is? So many made and then that’s your lot?

Does anyone know is the wax actually orange, or yellow in colour? People say different things about their interpretation of colour.

Definitely going to get this lamp soon, going to sell a Mathmos Lunar with extra bottles included, even a glitter, to afford it. Less is more now I feel, get rid of all my Mathmos/ Crestworth's and get the ultimate giant Living in UK, and not actually seeing one in the flesh to see colour combinations etc. its hard to decide.


Cheers Andy
Thanks Bohdan looks like you went for the Purple/Orange, the one in the video is very lively, did that one have the dimmer/bubble control set to 100% when this video was taken.
After your coments I am now worried about getting one with clear liquid, if the liquid gets dyed by the wax colouring.
Thanks for your comments, greatly appreciated information for researching before my purchase.
Hi, thanks everyone for advise, trouble is because I am based in the UK I am never going to be sure whether I am getting new stock or not. Shame I could not get a special order from Lava Brand (Lava Lite) themselves. Anyone know if I can get one direct from the USA so I can be sure of stock I am buying?
Thinking Purple/Orange or Clear/Red, also in UK only silver base is available, so one from USA would mean I would have more base and cap colour options too.
Thanks everyone for comments and the great pictures.
Has anyone got any info on the monster lamp? I am very interested after hearing such bad things about the colossus lamp which I was thinking about. Thanks for all your advise, I think I am going to steer well clear. Money would obviously be better spent on the Mathmos monster. However I am a little dissapointed with Mathmos. I sent them an email about a week ago asking for any info on the monster, as I would like to get one, and haven't heard a dicky bird.
On the London design festival webiste it talks about the monsters and smart astro's, but doesnt say anything about size, colours, metalwork, or any another info, except that they are on display in their Mathmos Store in Huxton, London, UK
I was looking today, Colossus' do not seem to be availabe anymore. At least I can't find one.

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