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Hi all, been really pondering on a Colossus lately, but had some questions first before I go out and spend $1,000 on one. Are they really all that great? I mean it would be awesome to own one, although I probably coudn't move it! Where would one be able to purchase one? I also like the glass accessory table, but wouldn't it crack from the heat of the lava lamp? And also, do you all think they will make them again? Everywhere I look they are all out of stock, except for the 3 on ebay. I would really like to have one, but don't know if I should wait until something better comes out? I don't want to purchase one and have the glass globe crack :( One of these days I'll probably own one, but I wanted everyone elses comments. It's kind of like the Imperial of our time.


Thanks for any input.

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We all are waiting for the mathmos monster :)
Has anyone got any info on the monster lamp? I am very interested after hearing such bad things about the colossus lamp which I was thinking about. Thanks for all your advise, I think I am going to steer well clear. Money would obviously be better spent on the Mathmos monster. However I am a little dissapointed with Mathmos. I sent them an email about a week ago asking for any info on the monster, as I would like to get one, and haven't heard a dicky bird.
On the London design festival webiste it talks about the monsters and smart astro's, but doesnt say anything about size, colours, metalwork, or any another info, except that they are on display in their Mathmos Store in Huxton, London, UK
I dont think you will get any infos about the lamps before September the 18.
I think they will show all infos about the monster at the festival.
Maybe some days before a picture on the homepage, but dont think they will do that.
Maybe astrobaby can help you ;)
He knows mathmos well and i think he can give you the information if the lamps will be shown there.
I was looking today, Colossus' do not seem to be availabe anymore. At least I can't find one.
Shoot, if they are non-working, I'd take one off their hands and fix it myself.
If you could get a malfunctioning one cheap enough, it would be worth the trouble.

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