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I just got these two Icon Series lava lamps on Ebay.  He says they are still new in sealed boxes.  He has most of the other icons for sale on there too.  Toady is my favorite, and I've been wanting the Alien one too. These pics are from ebay.

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Haha, these are from me. Thank you for purchasing, I am parting off most of my collection. 

I knew I'd flush out the owner.  Can't wait to get 'em.  They're really new and unopened?

What? You are about to turn 41, Jeff?


Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

I really hope you dig your bad ass fucking awesome lava lamps that you just got to go with the singular icon skull lamp you have in your awesome collection as you celebrate and brag a bit on oozing goo-oooo.

Happy birthday to you.

Good, clear flow to everyone, you are a real collector once you land at least one of these.

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