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Hi all, I've been reading this site for a few years but just signed up.  I love to pick up lava lamps at thrift stores, especially the odd looking ones.  I nurse them back to life if needed thanks mostly to info I've learned here.

This picture has one got a couple of weeks ago from Goodwill...the green one on the right is hex shaped glass with a plastic base/lid.  it flows perfectly.  

googling it only turns up one image i could find, and it is labeled as Unique, which is possible the brand?

In the goodwill box (warehouse sale of unprocessed donations during lockdown, sold by the bag or cart) there were two of these hex lamps.   The green one is complete and perfect.  I also got a red one, same design but with a black base and missing cap.  I modeled and printed a replacement cap that fits great and is close enough.

Anyway, any info on the hex lamp(s)? 

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Looks  like one of the lamps that Kohls sold 10-12 years back.  Came in two sizes.  

that's it!  thank you!

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