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I had read a post a few weeks ago that LW had some new metallics coming out and that they upped their QC. Any more info?

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Still made in China :(
Yep, new metalics are here. I should get a shipment of the 20oz (only size they come in so far) in a week or so. They have purple, blue, silver and green. I haven't seen one run yet....but I'll keep ya'll posted. I hate that they are so small. I may pour a few into a 52oz globe.
Scratch that....Metalics will be available in March. Apparently just because it is in the catalog, does not mean that it is available. Oh, and a backorder on the grandes too.....sigh....
Would love to see these run. Not sure I like the 20oz sizes though. Either 32 or 52 would be nice.
You're the best for showing me the pix. Thanks
Your 52oz idea sounds good. I may pour 2 into a 32. Does that sound about right?
I think 52 ounce would be great!!!!!!

According to LW the metalics will be in 20oz only. However, they said that MAYBE they will bring back the 32oz in the old colors later in 2009.
I'd love to have a 52oz of the metalics too. But it will take 3 - 20oz globes to fill a 52oz. Not gonna be cheap! Even as a vendor for LW, I don't get good pricing....It's actually cheaper for me to use a coupon at Spencers than order from them! I guess if I was a big company I would get better pricing.....but I'm just a lil' guy.,....sigh....
Can you show a picture of one running? I want to order some, but don't want to waste $$$$ if they are junk.
MAYBE bring back the 32oz in the old colors? As in, the midnight series of colors or just a few colors?
That would be phenomenal instead of dealing with the same old standard colors being regurgitated for the last 4 or more years.
That's a damn shame. ONCE AGAIN, they seriously need to get their act together.

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