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Hi everyone!

I have a purple/yellow USA giant that wont flow well the lamp has not been used much. The wax just seems hang out kinda in one spot it moves up and down a bit but it doesnt break up it just stays in one mass even after 10-12 hours. The wax is not detached from the coil at all Im using the original 100W spot bulb. Should I try a slighter higher wattage?

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I would just let it run because its not overheating, it sounds like the wax needs some run time to break-in still. When I got my purple/red Giant the lamp ran the same way but after a 30 hour run the lamp started to flow finally. Dont be afraid to run a Giant for 24 hours, the lamp is huge and can take the extended run time easily. I will usually turn my Giants on at 10pm and run them well into the next night. Turn the lamp on before you go to bed and the next day you can watch it all day to see how it reacts, it just sounds like it needs some longer runs to get it going again and broken in. Good luck and keep us posted.

Thanks everyone for all the info!! I had the giant on a china grande base and I didnt realize that the china base is a bit differnt from the usa base. The bulb on the china base is not as up as far so it was not heating 100% so I just put it back on the original base and it is perfect!! WOW the flow on the giant is amazing!!
Thanks agiain!

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