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Scored this on eBay for $85, shipping included after looking for a long time. I will will replacing the goo with a white or dark plum and rewiring the lamp to run in the US. I'll be using this thread to post my progress.


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I've got a few like that and love them.  The bottle looks good I would not touch it!  But hey, it's your lamp!


I would leave it too....nice lamp!!!!

In the eBay posting it said that the lamp had flow issues due to its age. I'v ordered a goo kit to insure that it flows properly.

I was going to buy this one... "He who hesitates"... lol. 

Nice score at a reasonable price... congrats.

I would try running it a few times to see if the flow improves.

Thanks for the tip. Yeah I had to jump on this deal. Seen to many eBay deals slip by.

Never hurts to have a goo kit around!!!  Believe me, I know!!!  lolol!!!

Damn it, Brian  !!! Have seen it , too!!! Would have bought it in the evening that day, but then it was sold - aaaarrrgghhh !!!

No, serious, this is a wonderful lamp and fortunately i own one already... 

It looks like the previous owner refilled it with water, this is why there is some wax stuck to the top of the lamp and the flow doesn't work anymore. Maybe you should try to keep the mathmos/crestworth wax?

Anyway, enjoy your lamp !

Any tips on what size bulb to rewire with in America?

Wish I could help you on the bulb size, but I haven't rewired one of the mini's yet.  And if it has flow issues, I'd replace the lava and liquid.

In fact, I like finding these Crestworth coppers on eBay that are in need of refurbishing (read cheap).  I think the strand glitter looks great in them.

Ok I'v narrowed down my choices to a 25 watt bulb or 40 watt. Both are very small bulbs that fit an intermedia sized socket. I think I'm going to go with the 40 watt that way I can always dial it down with a dimmer as needed. I'll be posting the build here. Now just to decide on what color of goo.

Update: The lamp was rewired and placed on a dimmer. Currently I have just the white goo kit in the lamp and its run about 3 times for 5 hours each time. I might end up adding some yellow dye to the wax due to the warm color of the light I don't think it reads as white goo. The lamp is flowing nicely but I'm not a big fan of the transparency of the wax. Any idea on when the wax will turn opaque?

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