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I want to get a lava lamp but I try to research my purchases before I make them and have come to the conclusion that China lamps are hit and miss as to cloudiness / other problems.

As a child I had a lamp with clear liquid and green wax which must have had bullet-proof construction as it was dropped on the floor several times and shaken when hot on purpose and always seemed to clear up within a few days.

So..! Is mathmos the best brand of lamp? I don't mind paying a bit for something made out of China if it is high quality. Are there any "exotic" colors for the wax such as a metallic silver or gold? I think that a gold wax with green liquid would look very nice.

Right now I am looking mainly at a green wax with blue liquid or a black wax with clear liquid for daytime viewing.

I look forward to everyone's suggestiosn!

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Sonny is right. Mathmos is the only way to go, very sleek classic design and fantastic quality. Plus they do the blue/green combo you mentioned. I have also heard lots of bad things about the US brands, not to mention they all look extremely ugly and cheap.
Mathmos is the best lava lamps i wouldn't go for cheaper lamps as they are rubbish. Mathmos do a nice astro in blue/green which is the best lava lamp to start out with. They arn't cheap but they are the original and still made in poole Dorest in Britain.
love the Aristocrat got one of these in the 90's with uk plug. Shipped from lava factory. Should pick one of these on ebay. but they do go for a price.
those are so cool....

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