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Hi Guys!

I have this unusual wave machine!

It is an ex cigarette display!

It is soooooo cool!

And NO I do not smoke LOL! :)


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thats gotta be worth a ton, nice share

Thanks my friend!

It is uber rare!!!!

I have only EVER seen two of these.

I am going to replace the window with plastic or even glass, and it will look brand new again!

Look out for a video coming soon :)

Chris :)

Very nice ! I never seen that one before. Can you get a pic of the inside ? How does the wave vessel move ?  Im very interested when you post a video on this one.

No problem my friend! I will upload some pics of the inside soon. :)

Hmmmm...It is a bit difficult to get inside.

From what I can see is that it operates on a motorised pivot like any other wave machine.

The lava is housed in a rectangle glass case and is inside a metal box with a window I will replace later.

The lava 'warms' up properly in about an hour and you can really see the ripples!

Would love to see if anyone else has one of these! :)

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