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Getting to know you guys this past year or so has been great - I've appreciated your expertise, guidance and let's face it, entertaining posts! And now I'm wondering what everyone's favorite lamp and color combo is. Everyone has one favorite - and try to only post one favorite... bet you can't... ha :O

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I love the flow of my red/violet Mathmos Jet, I would love to own a lunar :)
I love my yellow Fluidium. Bought it off ebay a few years ago for £30 brand spanking new (even outbid my own mum for it!) hehe!

It gives the whole room a warm, sunny look. I smile everytime i see it ;-)

I had to replace the original bottle because it clouded but it's the only lamp i'll display for the longest...has such a special place in my heart XX
An Orange one provides a warm soft glow. I was thinking of selling off my other orange ones, but now I'm having second thoughts.

White is like sitting in the clouds.. great room lamp, Yellow is sunny, Orange is warm... heh...
That's too funny! Your own Mum! That lamp sounds lovely - I've never seen one in person. Funny thing here is that most everyone's favorites are Mathmos / Crestworth!! Should've known... ;O
I have plenty more.. you said "one" and I followed directions.
BTW, I am not susceptible to hypnosis.. so don't even try it. LOL!!!!!!
yeah it was funny. I had no idea at the time what type of lamp it was but when i saw the aution i just fell in love ;-)

I was forgiven though. She got an orange Fluidium a while later but the globe was cloudy when it arrived. I managed to get the globe when they wanted to chuck it out but they kept the base/cap. They replaced it with a yellow globe when we went for a day trip to the Mathmos factory.

Now i'm jealous that they have the rest of my lamp...but i can wait..hehe!
Hey Kris, I have a super clear/purple midnight century coming up for sale... No problems... interested?
You've been under the influence since day one! :O
Hey there, I have a Saturna coming up for sale... are you interested? Rather goo it than e-Bay it with a fair deal for both of us... :O
Hey there, please post pics of your Savoy Happy Occasion Pack globes... that sounds interesting... :O
Hey there, you are only the second person to only say ONE lamp... and your fav is an excellent choice!! :O
ahh bless! The yellow fluey is great and must be the sunniest lamp ever! (I've got one too)

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