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So I have a Jet that snakes half way to the top and falls in perfect spheres, I have an Astro that snakes and bulbs and then forms peanut shapes on the way down and I have an Astro Baby that is an amazing snaker all the way to the top for about 5 minutes and then will form 4 or 5 bubbles in a vertical row.

I love them all, But my favorite has to be my Astro.

So lemme know what your favorite lamps do and what one is your favorite, how do you achieve certain results etc...

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Good question, everyone is different I guess.

I like a slow flow with few bubbles, If I have a lamp with a dimmer on it I'll turn it right down after it has warmed up.
Same with the lunars, I like to run them quite low but saying that the bottle is so big compared to other mathmos lamps you can get some quite good snakes going.
You are so lucky to own a Lunar **cries**.

I do like snaking, sometimes my Astro does amazing snakes, but it is rare. :(
it's funny everyone loves the lunar.
I have a pair the Crestworth Jardine lamps and I happen to favor those more then the lunars.
They are cool as they fit the lunar bottles too!
Oooh do you have pics :D ?
Here are some quick pics, I do not have any running.

This is the lunar sized one. I also have a silver Rocket one (looks like the crestworth rocket).

Right now I'm using a mathmos clear glitter.
But there is also the Living Jewel and Red Living Jewel globes for it.

There are also smaller ones that are tail like Fluidiums.

I love the futuristic modern view.
Awesome... WANT!
How much do I want Mathmos to start making Bigger lamps again???

They look great WeeboTech!
I could look at that pic all day Bohdan. WANT!
Makes me want to go out and buy one..
Meantime I'm trying to thin out the collection..
Must resist... must resist.
Never seen one before either.
Someone offered it to me once, I thought it was the small one.
Then another goo head saw it and said.. dude, that;'s the giant one that takes lunar bottles. I could not believe it. I wanted a lunar bottle style lamp but not be a lunar and it was practically given to me! LOL!
Thank you Flooksta!
Funny thing, I'm not that fond of my glitterballs. I think they are too slow for me.
I have a Silver Creative motion lamp that I prefer much better.

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