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Why are these so addicting...and disappointing...(rant)

Hello everyone, I'm not on here that much (wish there was a facebook group for oozing goo) but I'm like so obsessed with collecting these lamps...I've posted before my experience with collecting the newer lava lite lamps somewhere on here and we've all been royally disappointed with them...so far I have these lamps that I actually found clear..though terrible flow..

My collection:

10" walgreens purple/white wax (haha)

11.5 blue/white wax

11.5 purple/pink wax

11.5 yellow/red wax

11.5 rainbow glitter

Wizard silver base, purple/glitter (my fav)

14.5 purple/pink wax

14.5 blue/yellow wax

14.5 colormax volcano 

14.5 purple/white wax

16.5" purple/yellow wax

17" midnight series blue/white wax

17" clear/purple wax

17" colormax northern lights

17" frosted star blue glitter

27" grande purple/pink wax 

..(I think that's it so far) I need to get a picture of all of them..will come in time

Anyway man has it been hard to find a clear lamp! I've contacted lifespan brands so many times they must hate when I purchase a lamp from them...its hard to find older lamps that are in decent shape..I recently bought a lamp that was just total junk, they sent another that was total junk, have to contact again to get yet a 3rd replacement, hopefully a different lamp. I'm starting to shift to glitter which I used to hate but you can get them clear almost every time! I want to buy a goo kit but don't know if I want to even bother...anyone else newer to collecting lava? I need some friends to chat with, maybe on facebook :)

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Re: (wish there was a facebook group for oozing goo)

There is one but it is basically inactive


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