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Wizard Glitter lamp with Siver Glitter and Clear liquid

I am looking for a Wizard Glitter lava lamp with clear liquid and siver glitter. Dose someone know were I could get one of those lamps.
I have tried Ebay and know luck. I have been looking now for a year know luck.

Thanks Roger

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I have the globe.

Don't know if I want to sell it.

Whats it worth to you?

If Roger doesn't want it, I'll take it off you.
What is the difference between a regular 32 oz globe and a Wizard globe? I play "musical globes" alot, switching globes and lamp bases all about and alot of mine have become mixed. How can I tell what ones go to what?
I don't think there is a difference. I switch and interchange them all the time (that's how I roll!)
Ahh...another "wild child!" We gooers can sure shake it up! No! No! I didn't mean shake it up!!!! Put it down!!! Put down the lamp!!!
Well, you know what I mean....
Well I dont know how much. I would be interested. Is it in good shape?

It has only been used one time when I bought it a while ago. It is basically "new old stock".

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