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Hi all

Can anyone give me info about this Wizard? Model number, year etc?

Any help much appreciated.

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Could be a 90's model with the markings on the base. They ran the Custom series around then so the globe might not have been boxed with the base.  Get a picture of the bottle cap on the globe and that will reveal all on manufacture data.

These pics are from an "auction" site

Lamp globe was made in 1998 and the color code (24) matches the correct combo in the picture.

Can't really say if it is original to the base since the Custom line was available but a good bet is that it is, if not, a Custom is still awesome to have!

Thanks for the info!

No problemo! It is a nice looking lamp. I have a Custom Wizard from 2000, by far my most favorite lamp of the small bunch I have!

Yeah, its a cool lamp. I did wind up buying it.

Nice score! The yellow/blue is a good classic combo, looks good on a silver Wizard too!

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