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I'm always looking for rare vintage models (from anywhere in the world) that I don't already have.

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Yeah, I like to look for lamps I've never seen before, but I rarely buy them because they can get up there in price. What I really look for are screaming deals with cheap shipping. I love it when I can score a lamp for .99 and 5.00 shipping... I also sell quite a bit on ebay, but not lava lamps.

Thanks for joining this group Bryin. This will be a great place to talk about the various eBay auctions that catch our eye.
I look for things that I dont have and lamps that are rediculously low priced even if i do have it. I do odd searches for typos and such that dont generate as much traffic or as high of a price. Then there are the few that i aim to get NO MATTER the price. I watch mathmos too, but I cannot afford to really collect those now, with the dollar doing so poor and shipping so high.
Nice globes...........! :-)
I love any color with clear liquid the most. I like looking for vintage ones but i can never afford them. I am starting a collection of the silver streak. I am getting a clear/blue one so if anyone knows good prices on the rest of them and how many are in the series, drop me a line.



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