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Last month I won a Ceramic Santa lamp on EBay. The lamp came with a Blue Fluid/Red Lava globe. I decided to try to make a Green Fluid/Red Lava Christmas globe with Lava Louie supplies. I emptied a 32 oz globe that the lava was burnt and did not flow. I emptied the old fluid and wax and thoroughly cleaned the inside of the globe and the coil. For the fluid I used distilled water and the Surfactant that came with the kit. (8ml Surfactant per 1 liter of water) The wax comes in a mason jar and is white. I put the wax in a glass and melted enough to fill the bottom of the globe. I then added the red coloring to the wax. Before pouring the wax into the globe I rinsed the globe with the distilled water and surfactant solution and put the coil back in the globe. I think the rinse helps keep the wax from sticking to the glass. I then poured the melted wax into the globe with a funnel and a straw and measured it against another full globe. I then put the globe in the refrigerator to harden the wax faster. After the wax was cooled, I added the fluid mix and fired the lamp up. I let it run for about 10 hours and played with the solution to get the desired flow. I then added green food coloring one drop at a time till I got the fluid color I wanted. Finally I sealed the fully heated globe with a bottle capper that I have. For a first attempt I am pleased with the results. I have plenty more wax and surfactant, so I will try some more in the future. Anybody else used Lava Louie before? I know there was info on the older board.

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