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Coachlite (Lantern)

Model name: Coachlite 

Model number: 6000

Made by: Lava Simplex

Years made: Early 70s - 1990

Rarity (scale of 1-10, 10 being hyper-rare): 5

Price (at time of sale): $39.95

Bulb used: 40W appliance


Color combos available (liquid / wax):

  • #6002 Orange / Yellow
  • #6003 Blue / Green
  • #6006 Red / Clear


There are three vintage editions of this lamp. Each have different styles. The oldest version is a direct reproduction of the Crestworth style Coach Lantern. The second oldest version is a slightly redesigned version of the first version. The third version was simplified further by combining the handle into one single piece. It is not suggested to carry the lamp by the handle, because the lamp was not designed to be carried by its handle.


An amazing model taken directly from Crestworth in England, which by this time was still producing the AstroLight. This model was distinctively styled after a lantern. The original English version was available in red (Port) and green (Starboard) colors. The first models of this produced in the US followed Crestworth's style, the lamp being finished in gleaming polished anodic (anodized) copper, over aluminum. The lamp used a 52 oz. Century globe. The base was essentially a cone, the narrow lower end attached to a short, wide cylinder. Over the lamp's cap fitted a false over-cap, held by two rods attached into the base and bent to follow the contours of the bottle. These rods attached to either side of the over-cap with screws. A handle was attached above, which could be folded to the side. On the top of the base's cylinder, to one side, was a "fill" cap, presumably to add imaginary kerosene to this "lantern". It is believed that this lamp was imported from Crestworth in England. All catalogs before the 1980s show this style, though only a short time later, a run of simpler versions were produced in the US. The first copied the British style, but had slightly less detail, and used a very red satin copper finish. Next was the same lamp in satin brass with copper rods, handle and fill cap. By 1976, a much-simplified style was produced using a subtle brassy copper finish. This last type omitted the fill cap, had less detail, and used a different method of attaching the rods into the base and the over-cap to the rods. The side rods - and the handle, which in this simplest style did not fold - were bent from a single rod. This model was 18 1/4" tall and 6 1/4" dia.

***A detailed write-up of the Coachlite Lantern can be found here.*** courtesy of Fog Rider. Thank you! 


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