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What is my lamp made out of?

What we know:


The lava lamp was found to contain water, 38% by mass; chlorinated paraffin, 36%; low molecular weight polyethylene glycol, 13%; kerosene 7%; and microcrystalline wax, 6%.



Lava lamps flow optimally at 45-50 C.


The wax contains paraffin wax, a mineral oil such as ondina 17, carbon tetrachloride, and petroleum jelly.


The liquid contains glycerol ethylene, glycol, polyethylene glycol or propylene glycol (30% of total volume).


Here are the two vintage patents for the lava lamp formula that have a hint about what the formula might be.

pat3387396.pdf pat3570156.pdf


What we dont know:


The correct mixtures of the above chemicals.


This discussion goes into detail about the formula.


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