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Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone can help. 

I am a Marketing Director for a Medical Company that manufactures surgercal equipment through the use of fiberoptics.  The owner bought the company in 1999.  Originally, the company started in the 1970's by a man named Joseph Cuda and the company was called CUDA Fiberoptics.  Fiberoptics was the main component in their products only the products are very different to ours,  CUDA Fiberoptics used to manufature and sell "fiberoptic spray lamps".  These are lamps that have a color wheel in the base and fiberoptic glass sort of "sprays out" and hangs over the top of the base.  When you turn the switch on the fiberoptic "spray" lights up and changes colors.  These lamps were sold in different sizes and they sold a lot of them.  I am on the hunt for a vintage CUDA Fiberoptic spray lamp and cannot seem to find anything on the internet anywhere. The "spray lamp" competitor at the time was Fantasia and there seems to be a lot of them available online but I, of course, need a CUDA one.  Can anyone help? 


Thank you!  

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Comment by MileHigh on November 15, 2015 at 12:37pm

There is also a Cuda Saturn on Ebay currently - 


As far as I know, Cuda only made a few different fiber optic lamps.



CUDA HARMONY ( silver and red )

Did Cuda make any other types of fiber optic lamps?

If anyone knows please share your info here.

Comment by Claude J on November 15, 2015 at 6:38am


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