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Help identifying model and advice on repairs or new globe...

Hello all,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I have a "thrift store" special, that I need some help identifying and repair advice.

Sorry for the dark image...After viewing the examples in Martina's Vintage Lava Lamp Gallery, I believe it to be an Aristocrat(?). The date on the felt, under the base is September 01, 1969. Overall 16.5 inches tall, 5.5 wide base, on bottom where it contacts the table. The globe, by itself, measures 11.5 inches tall, and looks like 5 inches at it widest point. The lower cone on the base has the holes in it for the "starlight" effect. If anyone has a guess on the size (how many oz.), I would be grateful.

Here is my problem:

As you can see, the screw on cap is broken, and cracked, and severely brittle. The fluid level in the globe is low. I believe I can fix that, but my real question is "Where can I go to get a new, or used cap??? The cap has a 2 inch diameter on top, I am guessing at 2.5 at the base, and is 1 7/16 inch tall. It screws directly to the globe, no bottle cap underneath.

Another question I have is: Are the new "china made" globes the same size as the old globes? The reason I am asking is that if I cannot find a replacement cap, I would be happy with purchasing a new lamp assembly, and using the new globe with my old base, (maybe painting the cap gold to match).

The lamp's base and overall appearance looks very 70's, and that is what I am shooting for...

The lamp was a 1.00 special, so I don't have any money in it, but the size and characteristics really fit my needs. This would be a perfect lamp (for my needs), if it wasn't for the broken cap. Thanks for all the help/advice.

Best to all,


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Comment by Scott on April 26, 2009 at 8:13am
Thanks for the advice!!! Am I correct in saying that it is an Aristocrat? In your picture, above, it looks like the 2 lamps on the outside are similar to mine, and the one in the center is a Century? Are all three globes in this photo the same physical size? Are all three vintage, or are some of them newer than others?

Can you tell me the size of mine, based on the dimensions in my original post?
This metal cap from an Astro that you mentioned... Can I buy one of these somewhere, or would it be better to just buy a whole new lamp, and steal the globe. WOW, that gold paint is a perfect match!!! A metal cap would be best, for another plastic cap would most likely get dried out and brittle over time from the heat like the cap I have now. Did you fit a newer globe to the Century in the photo? Is the base vintage (all 3 lamps look incredible - you should be proud!)

Thanks again for the help!!!

Best Regards,


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