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So I have a 52 oz clear/blue gookit that I'm not feelen anymore.  The blue has turned into a weirdo bizarre plum color that is notorious with the blue dye that comes from MT Goo.  I'm going to dump a butt ton of blue or violet in this lamp to make the goo look almost black, then make a food coloring blend to the orange I like and make my orange and black Halloween lamp out of this clear/blue that i'm not liking anymore.  I came to the conclusion if I really want a true blue lamp, I'm either going to have to purchase different dye or buy a vintage blue on ebay........had no luck with the MT blue dye.  It keeps turning almost plum/purple.  I already have a violet kit, so now I have another lamp that looks purple, Uggh.....I just fired her up, going to work on making the goo almost black, then I will work on the water......I will know the goo is not true black, but hopefully no one else will notice with the orange fluid...pics to follow....

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Comment by Carol on August 18, 2015 at 3:38pm

I hope Brad!!!  I just did a water change because it hasn't been lit in awhile and the fluid looked kind of smoky.  I wanted to start out with fresh liquid, this way if I get the orange saturation of the fluid just right I won't have to worry about it being hazy!!!  Right now it has a lot of air bubbles on the side of the globe, but it will settle down in a bit...

Comment by Brad on August 18, 2015 at 3:28pm

cool!  sounds like it will work out nicely.


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