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Okay, let's just do a short list...
Still wasn't using Goo, they are still in storage here :(
Hubby's MS symptoms flared up once, got home-steroids.
Moved from Erlanger Blockbuster to Covington Blockbuster, much nicer co-workers & customers!
Took Hubby to hospital for bronchitis a month ago.
Blockbuster announces freeze on hiring, cut store operating hours & cuts employee hours from an average of 30 a week to 6!
A week later, It got warm, Hubby went out into the yard, slipped and dislocated his Good foot from his leg, also fracturing his ankle. No pain felt! Yikes!
Called my ASM, quit my job!
So, this week, I dug out my Camel 52oz., 'cause I couldn't find a freaking 52 Clear/Black!
Then I came to visit...

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