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The Yellow/Purple lamp fell over and got cloudy so I did a goo kit on it. When I cleaned the globe the bottom looked clean but there is a tiny bit of gunk on the bottom of the globe. I got the water just a little too dark but it is fixable. I am running it on a 60w bulb, I have a dimmer but if I dim the light down at all the wax doesn't flow very good. There is UV blue dye in the wax but there are no A15 60w blacklight bulbs so I am not sure if I would be able to run this in "UV mode" unless I could find a blacklight bulb that will fit inside the lamp socket. Music in background is Hold Tight by P. Morris and Movement I, II, III by Lapalux.

I hope to do more goo kits soon but I used a ton of surf and a ton of wax on this one so I will have to order more wax and surf before I can do any more kits. I have a 32oz globe I want to kit but it is really old and has a huge scratch on it. My cat Bella also makes an appearance in the video, lol. My retarded stepdad deleted the pics of me doing the goo kit process before I had a chance to upload the pics.

Anyways... toodles


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Comment by Carol on May 26, 2015 at 10:05pm

My pink kit is like that.  If I dim it even a smidge, it doesn't really do much but column for like ever.  Isn't it funny how r animals always have to find a way to get in the vid.  My dogs are either barking or coming in front of the camera.  I swear they know.  I haven't done a kit in a while.  Running out of room.  I'm dabbling a little bit in glitter lamps now.  Maybe one day i'll try to do a glitter from scratch.........


P.S.  I luv the alien's glowing eyes!!!!


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