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Mathmos makes my day(s and nights) Various Mathmos lamps doin' what they do best - amaze! The 'usual suspects' here include Lunar,Jet, blue- , black- and gol...

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Comment by MrLavaLava on March 30, 2015 at 5:58am

Unfortunately the shabby camera of my old xperia tablet always tries to refocus itself,

kinda annoying, but the beauty of the lamps makes it wórthwile.... 

tried making a video with my normal sony camera , with poor results , that camera is kinda dated, too

as a music maniac all my money reserved for tech normally goes to hi-res audio players/DACs,  headphones and such , but i think time has come to finally invest some dough into a good camera...

that is capable of making good videos

Comment by Carol on April 12, 2015 at 8:42am

I use my iphone 6 and youtube capture and although I'm sure some think it amateaurish (sp?) it looks ok for my standards, lol!!!  Can easily upload the music from my iphone ipod right into the vids too.  Decent sound quality and pic for a phone.  Gotta tell ya, my fav in that vid by far is the lunar, although they all are great!!!  The way that lamp columns single and then branches off to do a few columns of different flow is truly mesmerizing!!! 

Comment by MrLavaLava on April 12, 2015 at 9:45am

yeah, Carol, mesmerizing is the appropriate term , the lunar and this bottle in particular is one of a kind flow-wise, could watch it day in and day out, not only do the colours blow everything else out of the water, but the flow is so uniquely fascinating...

unfortunately i couldn't watch your current video you just uploaded (not available in Germany due to copyright claims with the music - happens all the time here in Germany) but I've seen others you've uploaded and they're absolutely fine, the quality is indeed great, and definitely not amateurish in my book

I would love to follow your good advice, but a) I've banned smartphones completely from my life,  b) I don't buy any apple products and rarely use them 

but I'm sure the camera of another current top-of-the-line smartphone is as good, or even better (but point a makes that obsolete) 

I'm gonna borrow a good camera from a friend, and I'm gonna upload some nice vids soon, and then in better quality.... got some great tunes to go with the vids, with this one came a nice instrumental tune, but  the same copyright bullshit silenced the video..


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