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I have a garfield lava lamp in the box, there must be someone that wants to trade for this cute little feline.

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what do you have of similar value ? or maybe something interesting
i cannot believe there is no interest in this cat??
I would be very interested in this little feline (love Garfield!), but don't have much to trade...I have a Millenium edition lava, but mine came with a pink/pink globe, not the blue/yellow globe it was supposed to...go figure!

i think i might do that, does the millenium have the2001 cut out of the base? its chrome correct?
It actually has "2000" cut out of the base, and yes, it is the chrome base & cap (pinholes in the base). I'll fire it up and try and get a pic uploaded for you. This will actually be the first time I've run it - just picked it up recently. Comes w/the original box.

I put a few pics of the Millenium in the photos section...
Hes yours if you you want him!
Ok, sounds like a good trade. Please contact me at rawlish@yahoo.com and we can discuss the details.

o.k I will be in touch on tuesday, ive been working 16 hour days

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