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Hello everyone. Again, I want to thank Astrobaby for putting up the ElectricPlanet web link. I ordered the special clear and white `Christmas' model this morning, thinking that I would get an email from them saying they had no more.

To my surprise, I got an email tonight confirming that they had one in stock and it was being shipped on Monday! It is to take 2 to 4 days to arrive. I can't WAIT (O: !!!!

The shipping to my Massachusetts address is what it is.. I wanted this lamp enough, that I was willing to pay $200 for it, so, the purchase made it UNDER my budget.

Lamp is $89. Shipping is $69. This lamp will take residence on my upper shelf on the glass display unit, next to the Astro that I bought while I was in England for vacation a year ago January...

All for now, I will have photos for you all SOON !

Best regards,

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Ok Bohdan... I will do that. I pray it makes it in prefect condition (O;

OOOPS. Forgot send this along to you all.. Here is their message that was sent to MY email address.

"Thanks again - and pass on our regards to the guys at Oozing Goo. We're always happy to receive orders from Mathmos enthusiasts in the US.
Best regards,
Abi C"

(Electric Planet Customer Service)

There you have it (O:

Yes Bohdan. I have to agree with you. The only thing that takes a bit getting used to is that LARGE electrical plug! When I was there in Windsor England, we went to a drug store, much like our CVS here called `Boots'... They had a nice isle with lightbulbs, power strips and such, well, because the plugs are so large, I could NOT believe how HUGE the power strip was!! But, I will need one of those OR a 3 way `cube' so I can illuminate BOTH of my Astros at the same time.

Take care, stay in touch..

The nice thing about the astro and baby astro that I have is that the light kit, very easily can be removed and replaced with the usa verson.
Hello OSOLAVA...

Can you tell me about this light kit?? I never heard of this before, and can you reverse what ever you do to the Mathmos lamp so it will be back to the original 240v lamp?

Hello Astrobaby....

I would like to discuss the HQ more, but would like to send you my email.. Is there a way to send you a private message? Let me know.
Enjoy your Sunday (O:


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