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My parents had a wall clock that you had to wind up and it was the top things of my parents that I really admired. So, I went on a search and after a week, all I can find is a out of date ebay listing for one here: http://cgi.ebay.com/Antique-Vintage-LINDEN-31-Day-Pendulum-Wall-Clo...

The clock was made in Taiwan and has the name Linden on the face of the clock. It was made in the early 70's. Was a 31-day key wonde wall clock. In the pictures on the listing, it is missing a spire at the top and on the bottom right. It also has a fade to the stain that is not like my parents. My parents clock was solid, deep brown. I have been searching for a week now and can not find any information about this clock and if anyone is selling one. I have searched yahoo, google, ebay, and a good part of Craig's List. I have turned to you guys because of your outstanding expertees of vintage items. I hope someone could shed more light on a whare abouts of a clock that I can purchase.

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That's a nifty little wall regulator, likely from the 1960s or 70s. Linden was a German brand, but I guess they bought these and put their name on them, too. These were made in countless variations and designs, mostly in this rectangular form, but also in the octagonal "Schoolhouse" form, under countless brand names. They were Japanese or Korean, 30-day or 31-day keywind, with good quality movements, and were produced in large numbers from the 1960s or 70s well into the 90s, some still being produced now. They count the hours and strike the half on either a spiral gong or on a pair of chime rods (like this one has). The wooden stick pendulum is common - the beat plaque behind/under it isn't. That makes this one look even more like a scaled-down Vienna Regulator, which is what these are copying. They're nice clocks, accurate and fairly resilient - my uncle has a Korean one branded Aikosha which he pulled out of a local dump 30+ years ago. Though missing the glass and with a bit of charring on the bottom corner, it functions and keeps great time.

I see these on Craigslist frequently. Are you looking for this exact model, or just one similar? I haven't seen this exact one before, though, as noted, the variants on these are too many to count - I rarely see the same one twice.
Thanks for the information.

Ya, I am looking for one that looks just like that but is brown and in better shape than that one is and want it to have a deep brown color but I guess that isn't a must as long as the design is the same.

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