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hi guys, any idea what i can use to clean the insie of my lamp to stop the lava sticking to the sides
regards krissy

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My lava lamp also has the same problem, but i am afraid to open the vase.
Please explain me how to remove everything to get the vase cleanned with the soap, i'm afraid that the wax does not get out, the entry of the vase of my lava lamp is very tiny, even smaller than a mouth of a bottle, as you are a pro with those things help me and explain me how to remove everything safely. ^^

Thank you <3
The kind of lightbulb is the same but instead of being 25W is 30W, i couldn't find 25W and the lightbulb that came with the lava lamp blew off in the seccond usage, it has this lightbulb for some months and only some days ago it started to happen. So if you use a hotter bulb in the lava lamp it gets sticky... never thought of that.

What it happens exacly is:
the lava starts sticking to the side of the bottle since the bottom, and what is soposed to be on the base bottom is on the side bottom of the bottle, what makes the lava go run the side untill the top, so i have to spin the bottle a little so get it out, but the wax that descends sticks always to the side. Is it too much usage?
I use it everydays, do you think it needs a rest?
This is a lamp which is recommended to use 25W bulbs.
Tell me how many hours should i leave my lava lamp on and how many hours it should rest. :)

Excuse my bad English, i'm Portuguese. ^^
No, instead of being copper is plastic and the top makes a cone.

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