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hi folks, i wonder if anyone knows of a canadian retailer or distributor i can get the full line of lava lamps at? thanks moulto grande

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Spencer Gifts sells the new crop of lava lamps in Canada. Home Hardware sells the Aristocrats and Grandes (They tend to be more expensive than Spencer Gifts).

Generate Lighting sells the Mathmos Fluidiums (green and yellow only). They will ship to your door.

See: http://www.gnr8.biz/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=fluidium
thank you for the heads up! any other possible locations anyone? moulto grande
thanks again fog rider. i just got back from a spencer gift with my new red/clear 52 oz. and am warming it up now. spencer had a nice selection of 52oz models but only one grande and it wasn't for sale. they also told me i couldn't place an order with them as they "only put on the shelf what the u.s. parent sends". i just got off the phone with a local home hardware and they tell me that everything on the web catalogue has been discontinued by home office, no reason given. i am still looking for a place that has or can order a grande in black/clear. anyone? anyone? bueller?
this came new from coolstuff dot com cloudy like this. the only difference i have seen in 7 months of trying is if i leave it off for a week or more you see a layer of greyish silt around the bottom falling off the wax when it starts to flow. it hasn't got any clearer.
this is the reason for this thread. i can not get warranty on this because i purchased it through a third party in the u.s. it was ordered from coolstuff dot com, delivered to a friend in florida the re-shipped to me.i live in canada and need an authorized distributor here to handle it. it's just too difficult and expensive to ship it back. so i am going to take the loss and want to buy a new one but cant find a retailer that will order the one i want.

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