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Mastercrafters wall clock with oil glitter tube

Hi - I am still new and may make be misidentifying this, but there is one of those wall clocks (I think Mastercrafters) with a glitter tube in the middle of it. If anyone is interested - here is the eBay item #: 160250135244. It looks quite affordable - 2 bids so far.

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Nice looking clock. Check out this one. Mastercrafters Action Starlight #47 Glitter Tubes Clock.
It has a Buy it Now of $220.00.
Hi - thanks for the heads up. I am looking for one of these! There is another one (here's the link):


I emailed the seller to see how much it was, but I never heard back (although this was only about a week ago).

As for the ebay price, $220 is a little steep for me, but maybe I can afford the regular auction if there's not a huge reserve on it. Do you happen to know what would be a fair price to pay for one of these?

Thanks again for the ebay tip. You people on this site are the best!

Jen P.
That first one is the Magic Lite model 434, and it is a shelf clock, it cannot be hung on a wall. It IS unusual to find one with clear liquid rather than golden, with a silver and not orange or red reflector, but it isn't unheard-of. Price is still low.

The Action Starlight is in good working order too, but I personally find $220 a bit high. If you're really dead-set on grabbing one of these, you want a good one, and you can afford $220, yeah, beat the hassle of bidding and grab it. I have a clear one already, so for me personally to pay that price, I would want colored liquid - those are uncommon.
Have never seen these clocks before. I love them. Thanks for posting Jen.

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