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Is this a Princess Wall Mount? If so I claim it as mine! No need to bid on it at all.;)

A Consort with wooden base. Why is this over $100.00 already?
Is it the lava color? I've seen other Consorts with wood bases go for much less.

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Thanks, man. I'm usually very patient myself. I won a lava from England from a seller I buy from pretty frequently. I waiting a month and then sent him an e-mail. He responded with, "Oh, I am so sorry, it must have fell through the cracks! I will send it right away." 4 weeks later it is now waiting for me at the post office. I have had some lamps from England arrive after several months. I had one arrive after 2 days. Ya just never know, so GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR HUNTER!
Thank you. It completes my "trilogy". I now have the Empress, Princess and the Crestworth (lava). As soon as the Empress arrives (positive thinking), I will post photos of all 3.
True. PayPal only ever sides with the buyer, though. I sold a vintage guitar pedal to a guy. He wrote and said it arrived broken (it worked before I shipped it). I told him to send it back. He sent back A pedal. The wires were all ripped out. I wasn't sure whether it was the same one that I sold him or he just replaced mine with a broken one. I wrote to him for 3 weeks (through PayPal) and he never responded. I called PayPal to explain the situation. Their response was, "When the buyer sends a tracking number proving he returned the pedal, he gets the money back." I again explained that I had the pedal, the buyer didn't have to prove returning it. All the wires are ripped out. They said again, "When the buyer sends a tracking number proving he returned the pedal, he gets the money back.". I was awestruck. I was actually talking to a person on the phone. I explained that I have been writing to the buyer through PayPal for 3 weeks so they must have all of the records. Again, they said, "When the buyer sends a tracking number proving he returned the pedal, he gets the money back." They ALWAYS side with the buyer. Luckily for me, the person never responded to PayPal's requests for a tracking number. I got the money. I got the broken pedal. I was more than happy to return the broken pedal to the buyer, but when I called PayPal, they told me not to do anything, it would only re-open the case. Doesn't make any sense.
I'm glad you stopped bidding on it. It completes my collection of wall sconces. I had a much higher bid on it (even though I couldn't afford it, I REALLY WANTED IT). I hope you're enjoying your pair of Florence Art lamps. I'm actually surprised at the high prices they are going for now. I have been buying them for over 10 years and I'm really happy that I got mine when I did. It's amazing how things go in waves. When I started collecting the Bradt figures, they were all going for under $30.00, yet I paid over $300 for my last one. I'm really glad I never collected Beanie Babies. lol
did you get the wall-mount? I re-did mine because it was pretty sad looking
Hopefully picking it up from the post office today. Which one do you have? I thought Jonas and I were the only 2 on here with them. Exciting to know somebody else has one!
Congrats on winning :) I have the same one that was for auction I had to replace the globe with a working consort globe and the metal behind the globe was cracked in three pieces so I replaced it with a mirror
I think you actually have the Princess, not the Empress (the one that was on eBay). A consort globe would be much too small for the Empress. The way to tell the difference is the "stems" that come from the wood to the metal holder. If there's one stem, it's a Princess. If there are 2 stems, it's an Empress!! I've had the Princess for years. I also have a Crestworth version from England. The entire things (both back and holder) are a copper color and the back has an additional nighlight in it. Again, I didn't know anybody else on here (other than Jonas) had any of the wall sconces! They're very cool.
Thanks for clearing that up! the flash the picture so quick before they say the bidding ended,so did you get it today? Hope you post some pics,by the say has anyone ever told you that you look like John Cougar Mellencamp? 'cause you kinda do :P
I picked it up from the post office today. It is safe and sound and wonderful. For some reason, the silver cap for the globe is not in the box. It's the least of my worries with this lamp, but I have written the seller to ask them about it.
I got both globes, but they forgot to send me the silver cap. They actually just responded, apologized, and said they would send it right out! Now I need to find an original regency globe for it. The Aurora one will do for now, but I would rather have an original. The box was huge and it was VERY WELL PACKED! Most importantly, I got the original bracket to hang it on the wall! Thanks for asking.
I got it and will be hanging it up this weekend. I will take pics and post 'em as soon as I do. John Cougar Mellencamp? Never got that one, but I think he's handsome so thanks!

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