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No matter where I try and access this site from, it takes forever to load. Sometimes it won't load at all. I did manage to get here from using incognito mode in Chrome, but it's still slow. Any ideas? This is the only site I have trouble with. I can't get to it from my work computer or home computer. 

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sometimes it won't load for me as of late.

It's loading fine for me

Laptop with Chrome

It's been on the blink for a couple of months for me here in the UK, sometimes OK, sometimes as slow as a Lunar warm-up

I've never had the issue before in the history of being on this site. It's really weird. Now today, for the first time in days, I got on fine. Strange. 

I've had no trouble on a mobile browser. I have had this issue before.

Haven't had a issue getting to the site, on the desktop or via mobile / ipad using Firefox on a mac and / or safari.

Mabie its the ning servers running updates or high traffic ???

It just took me about 60 seconds to load this page. I've been having this issue for a month or so. I'll try to clear my cache and see if that does anything. 

I just started experiencing issues with this site two days ago.

It now either fails to load properly or it does so very, very slowly.

I just timed it. From me clicking on it to being fully loaded - ok, I quit counting at over 4 mins.

Tried again: gave up after 3 mins. Never fully loaded.

Having problems last two days

same - keep getting a 500 error.

same from across the pond again, 500 error too

this is the first time I've been able to log on for days

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