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Here's an excerpt from an ad I have running...


It a little over 20 inches tall and very detailed and colorful.  This is a handcrafted and handpainted heavy resin figures with long glass tube/lava tube in the middle.  The bottom is an ice bucket, has ice, limes and bottles of beer in it. The tube comes up the middle and a little hut on top with the colorful parrot drinking a beer. This is soooo much nicer in person, much more colorful.  The base (bucket of beer) is 7 inches across and 7 inches high, then the long glass tube is 2-1/2 inches across, the bird part is 7 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 3 inches side to side.  The lava in lamp is lime green when on.  Plugs in and has on/off switch.  This is a great gift item or to add to you bar or pool area.  Very unique and hard to find item.  This piece weighs almost 8 pounds.

 I just thought that maybe this forum would be a better place to put this lamp for sale.  Let me know if any of you are interested, or if you want other/different pictures.



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What's your asking price including shipping...where did you place your ad?

I was thinking $100, including shipping.

That ad is on ebay.

I have one of these. Very well crafted indeed, although my lava crapped out on mine a while ago. $100 may be a little steep on these.

Thanks Doc What.

I was basing my price on this ad, where an identical one sold on ebay less than a month ago for $127.65, including shipping.


Are you sure it sold? it doesn't say anything other then it ended so it could've sat for 7 days with no bids. And with anything you collect this is just the way it goes sometimes, people ask way too much for stuff because they have know clue what they really got on their hands. Ever watch Pawn Stars? thats a good example. If you can find me a auction that proves its sold for this much, I'll sell mine right now lol

Found this on ebay for $80 yesterday.... in fact it's the same photos... lol is this your sale?  http://www.ebay.com/itm/NO-RESERVE-Corona-themed-beer-bucket-parrot...

Dr. What--You're right, upon further investigation, it DIDN'T sell.  Well, I'm asking $27.65 LESS for mine, so perhaps mine will sell.  Thanks for the kind words though (note sarcasm).  I have watched Pawn Stars and am amazed at how these guys can sleep peacefully at night, knowing their day job is to rape people for their items.  "My 'expert' said your Civil War sword is worth $1,600.  I'll offer you $200.  Take it or leave it."  You'll sell your parrot lava lamp?  I thought you said it "crapped out on mine a while ago...."


Jonathan--That ad is my ad.  It's listed at $80, +$22 for shipping....$100ish.    

I was trying to be helpful. And yes my lava crap out on it but I replaced it.

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