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One thing that has annoyed me slightly about my Astros, is that I never seem to be able to get the bottle perfectly straight in the base. It's always (or at least seems to me to be) just a little off, and I keep fiddling with it. I read that the new Astros have inserts in them, and that those probably can be ordered from Mathmos. Do these inserts make this easier? If so, I'd buy a pair if possible. Does anyone with a new Mathmos Astro, or an older one with said insert, know if this is true?

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I can tell you, that the new insert doenst make it better.
Mathmos is not able to position them correct.

All bottle in my bases with these inserts are standing not straight

I would prefer the version without inserts, because on these you are able to correct the position yourself.

I am lucky enough to own three new Astro Lamp bases and they are fine... I wonder why Mathmos put the inserts in!

Never got any better than the Mk 5 in my humble opinion  :)

The new bases with the inserts hold the globe much better - the bottom of the globe sits on this instead of the edge of the base like the old versions that's why its hard to get the bottle perfectly straight espshaly if the base has got slightly bent.

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