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Hi all,

Just a bit of an appeal for information to anyone who has bought a new Astro recently - does the Mathmos branding still appear on the lamps? A bit confused as some photos show the branding on the base, whereas others seem to have the logo etched (?) into the glass near the top of the vase, some with logos on both the bottle and base, and some with no logo on the bottle or the base

Anyone ...?

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Hi lampfancy! I just got a metallic Astro and it does have the branding on the globe. They new copper Astro I got a few weeks before that does not have any branding on the base or globe. The NEO also has not branding. The silver Astro I purchased last year didn't have any branding either.

The Neo and Telstar lamps have embossed branding on the lower metalwork. The astro and baby astro no longer have any branding on the metalwork. All of the newer bottles now have the branding on them in a silvery metallic type paint. 

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