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Broken globe on torchiere floor lamp! Please help me find a suitable replacement!

Greetings everyone!  (This is my first post)

I have a torchiere floor lamp that I got from Walmart a few years ago and absolutely love it.  It's the same model as this one:

(picture credit goes to "Mr MaGoo" http://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/torchiere-floor-lamp?context=user)

I'll spare you the story of how it happened, but the top of my globe is now broken and I need to find a replacement.  It doesn't have to be the same model or even functional (I can gookit it), just as long as it fits.  I also don't mind if the replacement globe flares out on the sides, as long as it sits securely in the socket.  Fitting into the decorative plastic top cone would be a plus, but is not essential.  One more important note: it's not shown in the pictures, but there is a metal arm that holds up the top portion of the lamp, so the globe is not structural to the torchiere.

Here are the measurements of the original globe:

-Width of base:  2 and 7/8 inches / 7.3 cm

-Depth of the lamp "socket" that holds it above the bulb: 5/8 inches / 1.5 cm

-Height of globe (including beer bottle-style cap, but not the outer metal cap or decorative cone): 10.5 inches / 26.7 cm

Any ideas?  Is there another, more common model of lava lamp with a globe that would be compatible?

Would a wine bottle work?  It seems to be a fairly common bottle diameter and I've found a couple that might fit, but they would have less capacity than the original and I'm not sure if they're up to the temperature stress.



Here's another of Mr MaGoo's pictures showing the shape of the globe:

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Ok I am willing to trade are the two lamps, cloudy or working well, or are they still in the box. I will Look at what I have or can get and send pictures! Thanks

Hi. Got my Lamp working great. Now need one more lamp, Cuz, everyone knows, one is good but two is better. lol. So, looking for ether parts or whole lamp. TY.

After ten years of collecting I still don't have a single icon lamp and I have a kick ass shelf for some too!


Dion and Rocky, one for one...help me start my icon shelf off right...



Not sure what an Icon lamp is. Will check and try and find. Ty

Icon lamp, got it, get back to you ASAP
Ok so no one is giving up their icon lamps unless its for a small mint, could I interest you in a ceramic Harley Davidson?

put a photo up here

I do not have one of those. If it is in good shape you will have my interest and I can go for an even trade.


Send me a friend request with a phone number and we can work out the details over the phone.



Well Darn. Lol. I got nothing For Xmas. good grab. ;p

Shawn! Did u ever find out who makes these??? I had two but they both have broken over the years I still have the one in hopes it can be fixed but no luck so far I really want a new one too!!!!

Those globes, either glitter or lava, will also fit a Mathmos Telstar rocket lamp.  Remember those pictures I posted for you, Lala?   Jack had a glitter globe on his Telstar and told me about it.  I think there's a discussion on one of the pics I took about it.

>Jeff< Hey I havent been able to send you a message as you have not accepted my friend request.  I had a couple of sweet ceramics go already, but will keep something special for you. 

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