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So I bought a Lunar Eclipse a few years ago, when I was young and stupid, and plugged it in with the wrong cord. Aaand it died. I unscrewd the bottom part and there seem to be two problems. Part of the circuit board near the plug-jack-thing is a little blackened. And two of the four wires are disconnected. Given that the blackened part isn't melted through and doesn't seem that badly damaged I figured I'd try resoldering the wires before giving up on the thing.


Has anyone else had loose wires in an Eclipse? (...or blown the electrics with too high a wattage?) Do you think it's worth a shot re-attatching them?


Also, I have a huge favor to ask of anyone with a Lunar Eclipse, small screwdriver and camera. If someone could send me a picture of the curcuit board it would be greatly appreciated. I think I know where the wires go but I want to be 100% sure. (You'd need to remove the two inner-most screws on the bottom - not the outer three. The bottom (switch) part will detatch - apart from the wires, so be careful handling it.)

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