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I often wondered why no one ever went with a blue yellow version of this lamp. So what color is your fav. and why? Which combo is most popular? Which ones are the rarer colors?

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How have you liked your red one.

I don't have a colossus but if I could then I would go for the orange and purple, its a classic and gives good results.


Thanx, for your feedback guys. so the best is purple yellow and second seems to be clear red. Hey Bohdan do you know where we can see that blue yellow?

Oh ok. I agree about the purple red ones they are very dark. I have messed with mine so much when I was experimenting with the bulb replacement that now it has a slight haze to it and it appears even darker now.
I love my Clear / Red one, but I'm tempted to make me a Purple / White Wax one.  Would match my grande, 52, and 32 nicely.  It flows great now, so I really hate to waste that.  Not to mention, how the hell am I going to empty that?!?!?!  Siphon hose would be the easiest I think.  Not to mention...  Holy Goo Kits needed batman!!

Look what I found! Oak finish

Does anyone have one 4sale?  (still trying)

If only LW had made them better perhaps we would still have the Colossus around.

That's true Bohdan but I don't think that's the real issues, I mean they were selling but I think they weren't making that much money for LL. They probably wanted to make more cash quick or sort out and debts etc so it wasn't feasible for them.

The fact is that if LL had done a decent job with lava lamps and not just wanted to make a quick buck then things would be a lot better - colossus wouldn't be gone and there lamps would work etc. 

As for goo-kiting a colossus - don't even go there lol.

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